EquUSessence Somatic Psychotherapy

Equine-Facilitated Somatic Psychotherapy is a powerful and efficacious therapeutic approach that assists individuals in healing relationship/intimacy issues (both with self and others), abuse, mood disorders, addictions, and grief.

The foundation of the way we relate to others rests on our ability to be in physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual connection with ourselves. If we are disconnectd within, our ability to relate to others will be troubled. Discovering our internal cohesiveness and wholeness will reflect in our relationships with others.

Like humans, horses are social beings. For survival, their essential nature is to be in connection and maintain congruency within their herd. They have defined roles within their herd structure, and possess distinct personalities, attitudes, and moods.  As prey animals, horses are hyper-sensitive to their surroundings, have evolved an intricate non-verbal communication system, and activate an instinctive flight response when they detect a threat to their environment. Similar to humans, horses need to develop a sense of trust—with other horses, and with the humans who are in contact with them–in order to feel safe and remain calm. As “natural emotion regulators,” horses can help us facilitate the process of transforming emotional discomfort and feelings of aloneness into a sense of oneness with self and others. 

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